Get Your Workout In: 16 Gyms & Other Fitness Options in Chula Vista

Are you looking for a gym to join and aren’t sure which one is right for you? Or maybe you’re searching for somewhere to exercise that lets you enjoy time outdoors. No matter what your needs, we’ve got you covered with this list of Chula Vista gyms and outdoor exercise spots. Whether you’re a seasoned gym-bunny or are completely new to exercising, you’re sure to find one or two places that have what you’re looking for.

Chula Vista Gyms and Fitness Studios

All the gyms on this list are highly rated on both Yelp and Google listings, with long lists of happy clients and great reviews. Gyms can vary widely in terms of the services and facilities they offer. Make sure to thoroughly check out your options before committing to a membership, especially if you want a particular kind of workout or equipment.

1. Anytime Fitness

2322 Proctor Valley Road, Suite 105
Chula Vista 91914

Phone: 619-796-7777
Distance from Millenia: 8-min. drive

Anytime Fitness offers a full gym experience with fitness, nutrition, and post-workout recovery plans. With a seven-day free trial, you can check out the range of machines and equipment before making a financial commitment. This gym is open 24/7, so you can exercise any time that works for you—perfect with more people working from home. You can also opt for personal coaching sessions and nutritional guidance, with the ability to connect with your coach any time via the Anytime Fitness coaching app.

This gym may operate at reduced capacity during COVID-19 to adhere to social distancing guidelines. In addition, equipment-sharing should be avoided. For a full list of COVID safety guidelines see the Anytime Fitness website. Guidelines are also posted at the gym.

2. Fit Body Boot Camp

825 Kuhn Drive, Suite 103
Chula Vista 91914

Phone: 619-832-2283
Distance from Millenia: 8-min. drive

Bootcamp-style workouts are popular with many people, thanks to their focus on fat-burning and boosting metabolism. The Chula Vista Fit Body Boot Camp offers high-intensity interval training (HiiT) and active rest training. Sign up to complete a multi-week challenge to receive a customized program of exercise and nutrition designed to build muscle and burn fat.

Chula Vista Fit Body Boot Camp has a “train in place” mode that provides each member with a reserved space and set of equipment. This is in place during the coronavirus to facilitate social distancing and hygiene. Members are also asked to wear a mask when they enter and exit the gym and when not working out.

3. Chuze Fitness

1030 3rd Avenue
Chula Vista 91911

Phone: 619-565-1155
Distance from Millenia: 17-min. drive

The facilities at Chuze Fitness include cardio and strength-training equipment, along with a Chuze Cinema, an express workout circuit, and a turf training area. Premium membership includes group classes and unlimited guest privileges.

During COVID-19, Chuze Fitness is operating with reduced hours and reduced capacity in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Masks are required while indoors. Some amenities, including the sauna, are temporarily unavailable.

4. CrossFit Chula Vista

821 Kuhn Drive, Suite 106
Chula Vista 91914

Phone: 619-934-9934
Distance from Millenia: 8-min. drive

CrossFit® is a high-intensity workout that anyone can try, even when new to exercising. CrossFit Chula Vista offers free introductory classes for people who want to try it out without making a financial commitment. Once you’re ready for more, you can opt for group classes or personal-training sessions. There’s also a nutritional support program and kids’ classes.

5. F45 Training Eastlake Village

2260 Otay Lakes Road
Chula Vista 91915

Phone: 619-821-5745
Distance from Millenia: 7-min. drive

In F45 Training, the “F” stands for functional. This kind of workout is a mixture of circuit training and HiiT workouts, and focuses on building the strength, flexibility, and endurance you need to power through your day. Each 45-minute group session provides a challenging workout that gets your heart pumping and your muscles singing.

During the coronavirus, class sizes and schedules have been adjusted to allow for social distancing. In addition, F45 Training has launched F45 Live, a workout program that members can use at home.

6. Namaste Fitness

2015 Birch Road, Suite 217
Chula Vista 91915

Phone: 619-964-2348
Distance from Millenia: 3-min. drive, 12-min. walk

This yoga studio offers an environment that focuses on spiritual harmony, as well as physical strength and fitness. Its warm, supportive atmosphere helps every member feel welcome and like they’re part of the community. Each week this studio offers more than 80 yoga and fitness classes, including:

  • Vinyasa
  • Gentle flow yoga
  • Yin yoga
  • Chair yoga
  • Heated Hatha yoga
  • Pilates
  • Barre exercises
  • Fit HiiT training

Namaste also offers over 100 digital classes every week for those who can’t get to the studio.

7. Orangetheory®

2015 Birch Road, Suite 1701
Chula Vista 91915

Phone: 619-642-2400
Distance from Millenia: 3-min. drive, 12-min. walk

Orangetheory offers elite accredited coaches and a wide range of cardio and strength-training equipment in a community-focused atmosphere. Whatever your fitness level, you can work with a coach and progress at your own pace on a HiiT or another customized workout. This gym also has a mobile app that members can use to track their progress and view selected classes online.

During COVID-19, Orangetheory has reduced its class size and assigns members to specific fitness stations to promote social distancing. Check out the Orangetheory website for a full list of COVID health and safety measures.

8. Planet Fitness

2015 Birch Road, Unit 0150
Chula Vista 91915

Phone: 619-271-1073
Distance from Millenia: 3-min. drive, 12-min. walk

Along with plenty of machines and equipment, Planet Fitness offers small-group training sessions, customized exercise programs, and certified trainers. Premium membership includes access to any Planet Fitness branch worldwide, amenities such as infrared sauna, and unlimited guest privileges.

During COVID, masks are required except when actively working out. Some equipment is temporarily unavailable to help encourage social distancing. Members can use a touchless check-in feature via the Planet Fitness app and can also use the app to check gym capacity before leaving home. For more information about Planet Fitness’s COVID response, see the website.

9. Pure Barre®

884 Eastlake Parkway, Suite 1624
Chula Vista 91914

Phone: 619-216-6245
Distance from Millenia: 10-min. drive

Pure Barre combines barre workouts with cardio and strength training for a high-intensity, low-impact, total-body workout. With several different class formats, beginners and exercise fanatics alike can improve strength and flexibility. Get started with a free introductory class to find out if this kind of exercise ticks all the boxes for you.

Pure Barre offers virtual classes, including daily livestreams, to help members get their fitness in during COVID. In-studio classes have reduced sizes and limited equipment usage to aid social distancing and improve hygiene and safety. See the Pure Barre website for more information about COVID safety measures.

10. TITLE Boxing Club Chula Vista

2015 Birch Road, Suite 1215
Chula Vista 91915

Phone: 619-656-0946
Distance from Millenia: 3-min. drive, 12-min. walk

If you’re looking for a high-intensity cardio workout, but a traditional gym isn’t your style, TITLE Boxing Club might be a good fit. This gym offers boxing and kickboxing classes, which combine boxing with core and stretching exercises. Boxing provides a fun, full-body workout that builds strength and endurance, and it’s suitable for all levels of fitness, including beginners. TITLE Boxing Club is wheelchair-accessible and offers workouts that focus specifically on upper body strength.

During the coronavirus, both new and regular members are required to book their classes online. This helps TITLE control how many people are in the gym at any time, to allow plenty of room for social distancing.

Outside the Gym: Places to Enjoy the Outdoors While You Exercise

While there are plenty of gyms in Chula Vista offering a wide range of exercise options, indoor exercise isn’t for everyone. If you prefer to exercise outdoors while enjoying nature, then check out these options.


If you love hiking outdoors, you’re in luck, as Chula Vista has some incredible hiking trails just minutes away from Millenia. Some popular hiking spots are below, but check out this blog for even more:

11. Mount San Miguel Park

2335 Paseo Veracruz
Chula Vista, CA

Distance from Millenia: 8-min. drive

Perfect for beginning hikers, or if you just enjoy outdoor walks.

12. Otay Lakes County Park

2270 Wueste Road
Chula Vista, CA

Distance from Millenia: 17-min. drive

With nearly 80 acres of park and a twisting network of lakeside trails, there’s plenty of scenery to enjoy while you walk. This park is dog-friendly, but leashes are required.


Many local parks have cycling, as well as hiking trails. These include:

13. Sweetwater Summit Regional Park

3218 Summit Meadow Road
Bonita, CA

Distance from Millenia: 14-min. drive

This park features 15 miles of multi-use trails for cycling and hiking, plus a 13-station exercise course.

14. Tijuana River Valley Regional Park

2310 Hollister Street
San Diego, CA

Distance from Millenia: 17-min. drive

This huge park comprises over 1,800 acres and has more than 22 miles of multi-use trails for cycling, hiking, and horseback riding.


Some gyms in Chula Vista have lap pools, but if you prefer to swim outdoors, you have some alternative options.

15. Loma Verde Aquatic Center

1420 Loma Lane
Chula Vista 91911

Phone: 619-409-1987
Distance from Millenia: 14-min. drive

The Loma Verde Aquatic Center offers monthly lane rentals, and private swim lessons. If you’d like a little help to get started with swimming for exercise, this may be just what you need. This pool has an accessibility ramp and measures 50 meters by 25 yards. It’s heated and is open year-round.

16. Parkway Aquatic Center

385 Park Way
Chula Vista 91910

Phone: 619-409-1985
Distance from Millenia: 17-min. drive

Like the Loma Verde Center, you can rent swimming lanes by the month and reserve private swim lessons. This pool is heated and measures 33 meters by 25 yards.

Chula Vista Offers Plenty of Exercise Options, Both Indoors and Out

Joining a gym can be a great way of making a firm commitment to your health and fitness. If you’re new to exercise or just haven’t found the right gym yet, one of these Chula Vista gyms might have exactly what you need. Or if you prefer to exercise outdoors, you can walk, cycle, or swim your way to a fitter, healthier you.