Chula Vista Schools 101: Elementary, Middle, High

chula vista schools

Looking for information on schools near Millenia? We have the low-down on elementary, middle, and public high schools in the area. Then scroll down to see which public schools your child will be eligible to attend if you live in the Millenia community.

In addition, we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of private and charter schools nearby!

Public Elementary Schools in Chula Vista

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Private Elementary Schools

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Charter Elementary Schools

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Public Middle Schools in Chula Vista

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Private Middle Schools

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Charter Middles Schools

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Public High Schools in Chula Vista

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Private High Schools

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Charter High Schools

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Public Elementary School for the Millenia Community

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Public Middle School for the Millenia Community

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Public High School for the Millenia Community

[fl_builder_insert_layout id=”4305″ type=”fl-builder-template”] schooling earns an A+ in Chula Vista

When you live at Millenia, you’re surrounded by great schooling options for your children—from public to charter to private. Reach out to these schools for more information, and reach out to our Discovery Center if we can help you with anything too!